Protect your fleet drivers with a lone tracker system

Organisations operating with remote staff in environments where their safety may be deemed as at risk ought to consider investing in the ‘lone worker’ tracking system, and pronto! As well as being able to know the whereabouts of any one of their staff and their vehicle at any give time – an aspect looked upon with favour by the majority of cheap van insurance companies in the market – it greatly improves an employees visibility, hence safety.

This could become quite critical, in some instances, where an employee has no option but to enter a civilians’s household in the course of their normal duty. Paramedics, certainly, who often attend diabetics who have had a hypo and can lash out or epileptics, fitting upon arrival, certainly may be in no position to call for back up if their priority is defending themselves or the patient is in too much distress.

As many large organisations who would benefit from this type of device already operate a fleet management system, monitoring this type of device would fit seamlessly into their existing environment, with staff and hardware in place to deal with its implementation.

For the employee, they would also hardly be aware of its existence until they had to use it, and would in no way impede their duties. The SOS alarm installed into the lone tracker forms an integral part of their mobile phone or their i/d badge and can be triggered using a pull-chord or push-button mechanism.

There is no reason why organisations who have not yet invested in a fleet management system could not use the lone tracker as a viable alternative. If your van drivers historically do not leave their vehicles for long periods and many cover the same area, it would be instantly noticeable if the device was stationary in known traffic hot-spots for any length of time. Most of the latest versions operate using GPS tracking, have standard SMS or e-mail communication as well as the panic facility so are well placed to be a roving eye for the fleet management control room, back at the office.

The cost savings of such a device far outweigh the investment in the long term. Productivity by employees has been shown to rise through tracking, traversing roads has become less of a headache and, with the mileage reductions and traceability of a vehicle if stolen with the tracking signal on board, systems in place like these will win you brownie points with your broker, helping you achieve greater savings on your fleet insurance premiums at a time when cheap van insurance quotes are few and far between.

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