Location, location – where your van goes and is left matters

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Location, location – where your van goes and is left matters

Another consideration tradesmen need to take into account when looking for the right van is where their business is likely to take them.

If you’re in and around London, one of the deciding factors about your van is its emission levels. You do not want to invest in a new van, have your logo neatly sprayed on the side and take out the twelve months van insurance only to find it is neither Euro 3 nor Euro 5 compliant, whichever of the two is applicable to the size of your commercial vehicle. The LEZ is very real, as are the £100/day fines if your engine’s not clean enough. Make sure your investment doesn’t have you running that particular gauntlet on a daily basis – you’ll soon get sick of it, even if you don’t get caught.

Size is a consideration for any career that is going to constantly take you in and out of busy towns where parking is at a premium.

Where am I going to keep my new van?

One of the driving factors behind why there are so few cheap van insurance offers on the table at present is the rise in the number of thefts for vans, an epidemic sweeping the country as hard up individuals fall for the temptation of an unlocked van, even in broad daylight. Extra tool cover is great if you’ve added it to your base policy, but even then, the inconvenience of driving to site and having your van’s contents stolen whilst you’re sizing up the job is a headache you could do without.

Brokers look kindly on how securely you keep your van; many safety features are enough to put off the opportunist thief. If you have to choose between similar used (or new) vans when it’s time to make your purchase, keep the security aspect at the forefront of your decision-making process. This will ensure you keep your tools and reputation safe and give you a tool which you can use to get a cheaper van insurance deal out of your van insurance comparison site.

If your van is exposed on site, everything you can do to protect it will be welcomed by your van insurance broker. When you get your van home, if you do not have a secure lock-up or garage, make sure that you remove your tools overnight and invest a couple of quid on a sticker across the back doors that says as much. Make a show of removing your tools – you never know who’s watching you and safer, in everyone’s eyes, is a lot better than sorry.

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