Cost savings will offset price-increase on new Transit

There are so many savings to be gained with the new Ford Transit – other than the up-front price – it’s difficult to know where to begin.

From saving on emissions to extended service intervals to fuel to van insurance, the new model seems to have thought about it all – what’s more, delivered it. The cost-savings it envisages are set against similar brands within its class but even on paper, you can see Ford have a justifiable argument for making those claims.

The hot potato that everyone’s being judged on at the minute is: how green is your new model? And Fords answer has been not to just look at a nett CO2 emission rate, but at all factors along the way to deliver a lower carbon footprint.

The Duratorq 2.2l TDCi engine which has replaced the 2.2 and 2.4l diesel predecessors is more fuel efficient and has more filters to help reduce pollution. If even greener is your aim then you can improve on this already greatly reduced emission engine by opting for one of the two models monikered ‘Econetic’.

All of those factors, reduced top-end cc, extra filters and lower emissions will make you smile as they all deliver cheaper van insurance as well as reducing our carbon footprint and getting more mpg.

If you’re traversing London and conscious of Euro 5 legislation, there is that option under the Econetic range. More than adequate for driving around the capital, the Euro 5 model is limited to 62mph and with six gears to get through to attain, it ensures maximum fuel efficiency delivering a reasonable 43.5 mpg. The standard TDCi will reach 70mph for motorway driving but that’s your limit – one thing about the governor stopping you there is that there is no chance of you picking up points for speeding whilst cruising the motorways so no nasty shocks in store on that score when you come to look at your company’s fleet van renewal policy.

And there is still more to come, with Ford looking at further enhancements to connectivity within the cab, extra driving features and, to compliment the improved cab technology, a rear camera to enable reverse-parking is also planned.

That means less wear and tear, as does the 33% increase between services derived from more efficient engines now scheduled at every 20k miles instead of every 15k; less damage = less claims = cheaper van insurance – Ford really have put a lot into this new range, giving you less off-road time and a much healthier fleet and environment.

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