Tyresafe urge drivers to look after their tyres in 2012

One of the leading tyre safety organisations is doing everything it can this year to ensure that they are, quite literally, getting a grip.

Young drivers, who have just seen the first drop in van insurance for as long as many of the under-22 year olds who it will affect can remember, will be one of the targets of Tyresafe’s campaign to ensure that they get into the habit from a very early age of putting road safety before cost savings when it comes to their tyres.

Likewise, experienced drivers who may have been looking at other ways to save costs as the global economy has suffered, such as taking cheaper or re-tread tyres or dropping from fully comprehensive to third party van insurance, will also be reminded that their can be no cost put on road safety.

With the growth in UK sales coming more from fleet than any the domestic market in recent times, Tyresafe hope that their message also makes it to the decision makers in big business. Safe tyres are the back bone of staying safe on the roads, whatever the weather.

Many organisations may see a cost-saving here or there by going for the cheaper option, but it can have a negative effect. Part worn tyres or those of inferior quality simply cannot hold the road as well as those from factories that have the financial clout to test, and re-test, their product before they deem it safe for the road.

Any amount you think you’re saving will soon be lost as you expose your drivers to avoidable accidents, causing off-road time, lost man hours and increased van insurance premiums. This is especially important for young drivers as building up a no claims bonus as soon as possible is one of the quickest ways to start saving money and maybe even finding a broker who will offer them a cheap van insurance premium, if clean licenses are maintained and premiums continue to drop.

Tyresafe is also strongly urging businesses to ask their HGV and LCV drivers to routinely check the quality and road-worthiness of their vehicle’s tyres, at least by checking the tread every now and then.

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