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One word of caution about the opinions of those who use forums and chat-rooms automotive in nature. If you’re logged on to ‘’ (for example) you’ve either got the wrong cross-dressing site or you’re on a forum that has been created by (and has a membership of) people who love the Ford Transit. Their opinions are, generally speaking, likely to be biased towards the legendary beast.

What is the right van for my business?

Getting the right van for your business will allow you to do two things:

1. negate the issue of ever having to wonder whether you can get to site to do your job properly or relying on others
2. never worry about paying too much for your van insurance as you are only paying for commercial cover that is in line with your business, helping you to retain focus on what you’re in the market for, thereby always promoting ‘Brand You’.

If you’re starting out, value for money is often the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the van itself, with one eye on being able to insure it cheaply, especially for young drivers. The temptation may be, if you’ve managed to secure finance for your venture, to splash out on brand new wheels. An older model with your logo emblazoned on the side – another factor that will help you secure cheap van insurance – could be a lot more cost-effective, yet still deliver the sense of achievement or the statement you were looking to make by going into business for yourself.

As well as the vehicle’s age helping you to make van insurance savings, the size of the engine will, too. The temptation may be to go for the biggest capacity engine ‘just in case’, but be pragmatic about what your business is trying to achieve. Do you really need a 2.4l gas-guzzler, or would something smaller with a more fuel efficient engine suffice? Insurance brokers love ‘green’ as the engines tend to be more efficient to enable the lower emissions; the more efficient, the less breakdown potential, the cheaper the van insurance deal; it is that simple.

Also, when thinking about the size of your van, do you need it box-shaped or will a hatch suffice for your business? Yep, it’s great being able to load your mates’ kit as well as your own to get to site, but this is your business. We’re all big boys (and girls) and the onus of getting to site falls directly on the shoulders of the tradesman or sub-contractor who takes on the work; you are no one’s nanny.

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