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We have tried to make our form that helps you find cheap van insurance from our hand-picked selection of brokers as easy to follow as possible.  No doubt, once you click through to use the facility, it will have a similar look and feel as many other van insurance comparison forms that you may have come across on the Internet, already.

However, in case you are only just beginning your search for cheap van insurance, here is a rundown of what the form asks for before you click through to it, to save you getting comfortable, then having to disappear back outside to get the details from your glovebox.

First and foremost, you will be asked to input the vehicle registration number of the van you are looking to get cheap cover for.  This is a required field and you will not be able to progress further through the enquiry without inputting this detail.

The next section is the all about the vehicle itself, some of which contains required fields that you have to input or select from a drop-down menu.  Stick with us – none of it is taxing.

The first field is the number of seats in the vehicle.  Easy enough.  Next, you are asked where the vehicle is kept overnight.  It may be a temptation to put locked in a garage, when, in truth, you park it on the road or drive.  You may get a cheaper van insurance quote if you choose one of the more secure options but, in the event of a claim, if the conditions against which you are claiming do not match the criteria of your policy, you may be in danger of jeopardising your cover.

The next two sections again are straight forward, namely when did you buy your van (month and year are required inputs) and also what fuel do you use, diesel, petrol, hybrid or electric?  If you’ve been putting the wrong one of those into your tank, you’d know about it, by now.

Following on from that, you are asked for the approximate value of the vehicle.  Often, the lower the value, the cheaper the van cover quote; however, if you do have to replace the van in its entirety as the result of a claim, you may only get the value that you estimate, here.  If you have only just bought the van, you will obviously have the exact value to hand; if you are looking for a cheaper van insurance renewal quote for a van you’ve had for some time and are unsure, you can find out online at, for example,

After the ‘what hand drive?’ question, which is set to right-hand by default, but you can change it to left if it is an import, there are several simple yes or no buttons, that are all set at ‘no’ unless you change them.  These are all relevant to the discounts that may be applicable by one or more of the van insurance providers with whom we associate.

They ask whether or not you have an alarm fitted, an immobiliser (manufacturers or other), vehicle tracker, is the van a grey or parallel import, has it been modified over and above the original manufacturer’s specification, is it fitted with racking (internal) and, finally, does it include signage?

If you can gather all of this information together before comparing van insurance prices on our online form, it will help you to obtain even quicker, impressive savings.  Thank you.

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