This Chime, It’s Personal

It’s finally happened. We’ve now reached that stage of the year when if people weren’t losing their minds over the colour of a van, they’re now crying at ice cream vans. 

Okay, so perhaps not literally crying at an ice cream van. But certainly becoming triggered enough by the chime of one. Enough to get an ice cream van firm actually banned on a street in Lowestoft. 

Now, we firmly believe that the only reason to see red when it comes to ice cream vans, is when they drive off too quickly. You know the deal. You’ll be rushing around, getting dressed enough to look presentable to the neighbours, and pretending you’re about to get a Flake 99 for your kid. But by the time you get outside… THE VAN HAS GONE. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

In Lowestoft, however, the reason for the banishing of ice cream on wheels is to do with the fact that the driver sounded the music for too long. The company, Lamarti’s, are based near Great Yarmouth and having to deal with the fallback. They have been accused by a distraught resident of allowing chimes to exceed 12 seconds. More than 20 seconds, in fact.

Did you know there are rules in place for ice cream van chimes? Music should be blasted — okay, sorry, played nicely — for only 12 seconds. Oh, and it can only be done when the van is still. There is also a protocol on how loud you can sound the chimes, and how often (once every couple of minutes). Just in case you wanted to ensure you’re up-to-date with the rules properly, all the details are published on the Gov website. Click here for some nighttime reading.

2020, 2021… Please stop messing with us. Who knows what 2022 will bring? Complaints about Jerry the neighbour cleaning his van at 10am and waking up Sharon from next door? Time will tell. 

Until then, let’s hope the only other ice cream van concerns in your life are to do with insuring one. You’ll find all the information you need, right here.

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