Driver takes his Van for a Swim

Yes, you did read what you thought you just read. And whilst it’s not quite as simple as that, we’re phrasing it that way, so the driver doesn’t feel too bad. 

…But he should. 

This week’s news comes fresh to you from Exmouth. A lovely English Seaside town in the South of Devon, that can get quite lively, from what we hear. Well, lively enough for a van driver to park his van on a tidal slipway, slip off for a quiet pint or two, and forget about the van. The driver went off for a pint, that is – not the van. Then again, the van did go swimming, so who knows what else it’s capable of…

Unfortunately, this memory loss has cost the driver dearly. The next thing he knew, town members had spotted his white van bobbing off into the sea. Regrettably, he was not made aware of this until the next morning, when he returned to pick up his van.

Thankfully, the driver appears to have remained upbeat. What else can you do, we suppose?

We’re not sure what exactly is in the air and affecting our dear van drivers this week, but similar news also hit the headlines in Cornwall. 

Whilst we don’t think a pint was involved this time, there was some blatant disregard for parking rules. The unfortunate driver was initially at Newquay Harbour Beach to help launch a boat. He then ignored signs and protests from the parking attendant about leaving his van on the beach.

Well, karma sure came around for this guy because the next thing he knew, his van was already submerged, having a dip in the sea. The best thing (or worst thing?) was that he left his van there, just so he could go off and jet ski with a buddy. That’ll teach him. Hopefully.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever left your van parked? We’re sure there are some juicy stories out there… So, come on, don’t be shy! 

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