A nation divided: are you tickled pink or seeing red?

Ignore the terrible colour puns, but we’d be telling a white lie if we said we didn’t smirk whilst writing it.

Last week we had drivers versus e-scooters. This week it’s a bright pink van.

Yep, you read that correctly. A pink coloured van in Stoke-on-Trent has divided the nation on where it should be parked – and its colour.

Now, we’re all for colourful vans, to be honest. Perhaps, the brighter, the better? But that doesn’t mean we look down our noses at a neutral palette. We show no prejudice to any van and its paintwork colour here…

However, some of you have declared a worker’s van sporting a rather dashing bright pink colour, to be a ‘monstrosity’. So much so, that neighbours have been leaving notes on the windscreen, asking for it to be parked elsewhere. We only wish we could state they were polite notes.

Are we looking through rose-tinted glasses at this situation?

We’ve seen several brightly coloured vans in our time; from sunshine yellow to boastful oranges, sky blue to royal purple. Some would argue their eye-catching presentation is a positive tool for advertising. After all, you’re a lot more likely to stare and pay attention to a fluorescent pink van, than a bleak grey one. 

The worker, who had parked the unsightly considered van on his street, faced criticism for not having it outside his own home. However, his reasoning seemed just: he didn’t want to congest his street, and felt he’d parked it in the best place to avoid this. His neighbours, feeling the van was an eyesore, considered the reason to be a pitiful excuse. 

And so, the pink van has divided the nation. In colour, and parking position.

Would you leave a (not so polite) note, or speak with the man himself? The comments section (scroll down to the bottom) might leave you feeling blue, or perhaps you might be a green-eyed monster and want a shocking pink van yourself. 

If you’re considering updating the paintwork on your van – to a lovely snowy white or loud lime green – we don’t judge.

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