The Battle of the Century? Van Drivers Versus E-Scooters

This post is a warning for all our lovely van drivers out there on the roads, simply minding their own business. E-scooters can now be categorised into the same class as motor vehicles. This could put you at a greater risk of losing legal protection for any personal injury claims you may need to make, as a result of other motorists’ actions. Let’s hope you never have to, but what’s the deal?

Let us set the scene.

You’re driving along your usual delivery route when suddenly, you find yourself staring at someone hurtling towards you on an e-scooter. But wait – why are they riding along without a care in the world on the opposite way of a street that’s meant to be one-way? 

You have no choice but to swerve. In swerving, you end up injuring yourself. Whiplash. Awful whiplash, actually. However, due to a new loophole, you won’t be able to claim for legal aid. Especially if the claim falls below £5,000. Bad times.

There has been a rise in the number of people becoming e-scooter riders lately, and that’s all well and good and that (especially for the environment), but let’s face it. They aren’t half annoying. Especially, for motorists in vans, mainly due to safety issues, plus the risk of losing out on legal aid.

Whilst the e-scooters are only able to speed along at the menacing speed of 30 miles per hour, they can still be used on roads and even in cycle lanes. However, this is only allowed in areas where around 50 rental schemes (lasting 12 months) have been rolled out in certain areas. There are currently 31 regions taking part.

There has been speculation that the environmentally friendly scheme came about to reduce the number of people using private transport after Covid-19 restrictions start to loosen and lift. Safety is currently a huge concern surrounding the e-scooters, especially when not all users consider safety paramount. 

So, have you spotted any e-scooters lately? Perhaps you rent one yourself?! The impact of e-scooters in public spaces is currently being monitored, so if you have experienced a close shave with one, or would like to share your experiences, it’s time to get in touch with the UK’s Department of Transport!

Whichever side of the battle you find yourself on, at least you know you’re covered with cheap van insurance costs. Simply fill out this form and let us take care of the rest.

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