Top Tips for Keeping Van Insurance Down

You know us, here at Cheap Van Insurance. Always on your side, always backing the little guy, the honest van drivers of the UK, as you speed up and down the country, doing what you do best – getting stuff done.

So, this week, we thought we would put together a little aide memoire of all those tips and tricks we like to share with you each week, of how to keep your costs down when taking out your next van insurance policy. 

1: Shop around

It goes without saying, but you’re in the right place to start. Everyone should shop around for their van insurance, to find the best possible deal, but there’s no need to traipse from site to site, or broker to broker. Who has time for that? Our simple form gets the brokers and insurance providers coming to you, with their best deals and offers. 

Because let’s face it, life is hard enough. But shopping around for the best van insurance deal doesn’t have to be.

2: Don’t auto-renew.

Shop around! Last year’s van insurance may have been the deal of the century at the time, but as we have reported here, a lot has changed in the last 12 months (even more than usual), so it makes sense to see what new deals are out there and have some better quotes to go back to your current insurer with, should you really want to stay with them.

Knowledge is power.

3: See what else you can get:

Once you have some competitive quotes, see if you can haggle a bit. See if one of the companies will throw in a useful added extra (we don’t mean a cuddly toy – something actually useful) that will save you money. 

4: Mileage:

Don’t underexaggerate how far you travel. Often, the difference between mileage is negligible when it comes to the cost of your van insurance premium, so do the right thing and tell the truth. The same goes for where your van is kept and what it is used for. 

5: Named drivers

You may have always had the missus on your van policy, just in case, but if she has got some points on her car license recently, you may wish to reconsider if she doesn’t actually drive the van. It’s the same with employees – only have those ones on the policy that will actually drive the van. And make sure you are hiring people with a clean license that won’t cost you a fortune to cover in van insurance fees.

6: Tools:

We talk about this in-depth next week, but it’s essential that your tools are covered with a good policy. The optimum is the firms who offer 24-hour replacement for stolen tools, so you’re not stuck twiddling your thumbs, waiting for your replacements to come through.

Do all the above and make the most of our free quote tool, and you can thank us for making your life that tinny bit easier. 

You’re welcome. 

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