Cross Channel Chaos

This week we want to spare a thought for those van drivers who spend their life hopping the channel into Europe and back to collect and deliver goods across the UK. As many of you will know, the port of Dover is currently in chaos, as a result of the massive queue of lorries trying to cross the channel in both directions. Most of the A20 is resembling a lorry park as a result of the pre-Christmas rush, businesses stockpiling and the side effects of COVID restrictions and the anticipation of the imminent arrival of a vaccine.

Any vehicle, not just lorries, are subject to 40mph restrictions around the area, and all laybys in the area are closed. While typically lorries relied on ferries to get them from A to B, the amount of congestions has seen many turn to Eurotunnel to get them over the channel instead, causing additional delays there too. 

Stockpiling is the latest to blame for the delays, as fears of a no-deal Brexit grow. It seems everyone from supermarkets to specialist goods suppliers are stocking up, in fear of additional delays, import taxes and restrictions that may come about if we cannot make a deal with our European neighbours. 

The year as a whole has, as a result of reduced traffic, seen a massive drop in the usual traffic jams and delays around the country, so the van and lorry drivers who are affected by the cross-channel delays are feeling it particularly hard, after the year they have had, where many saw hours and work opportunities cut as a result of lockdown. 

It seems like this chaos is set to go on if the UK Government is unable to make a deal towards a Brexit agreement and many experts are forecasting months of chaos at UK ports if the worst should happen. 

So, spare a thought for your channel-hopping, van driver brethren this Christmas who may just be starting on what could be months of disruption. 

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