Van Drivers Told – “Demand Cheap Insurance”

Ever think to yourself that van insurance is getting more expensive? You are not alone, as millions of drivers around the country get hit in the wallet.

Should you just take it though and accept these expensive prices? One leading insurance expert says no, and in fact, you should actually demand a cheaper quote.

As we speak, the average van insurance policy costs £1500, although in certain parts of the country, such as East London, you can expect to pay even more.

The problem is that many van drivers think there is nothing they can do about it, especially as most quotes are generated by big multi-national companies worth billions.

The general thought process is that you can’t haggle with these companies to get cheap van insurance, but in most situations you can, and if persistent you will win.

I reckon the message here for van drivers around the country is clear…”demand cheap insurance.”

A new report that was recently published announced that van drivers who haggle and don’t take the first quote they are offered, typically save on average about 10%.

Not only that, but if you use the haggling technique in conjunction with a van insurance comparison website, like the one you are on right now, then you could potentially save even more.

Say goodbye to the average van insurance price that everyone else pays, and say hello to your special price, the one reserved for those van drivers who are prepared to go the extra mile.

Most people assume that big van insurance companies won’t haggle and would simply laugh at the very notion, but no, they are more than prepared to listen to your pitch and the reason for this is…competition.

That’s right. The fact of the matter is that competition is fierce right now between the insurance companies, and they all want your business.

This is why I am always telling van drivers…use a comparison website to find some cheap quotes and then phone them up to haggle and play them against each other.

However, even though many people listen to my message, only around 27% of van drivers do any kind of haggling when it comes time to get a new policy or renew.

Fortunately, you are now one of the insiders, and have the knowledge needed to get cheap van insurance quotes even when it is getting more expensive for everybody else.

So what are you waiting for? Compare van insurance right now and then be prepared to haggle if you really want to save money.

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