Prison Van Gets Parking Ticket…Outside a Court

In news that proves traffic wardens have lost the plot, it was revealed that a prison van got a ticket while parked outside a court in Sussex.

The whole incident was caught on video camera, where the warden can be clearly seen walking directly up to the prison van and then slapping a ticket right on the windscreen…before calmly walking away.

Did he not even notice this was a prison van…outside of a court? If the van wants to park on double yellow lines then it can, because it’s probably there to pick up criminals and take them to prison.

Much better if the driver does that rather than parking half way across town, where a dangerous criminal then has many potential options to escape on the walk from court.

In my opinion, this is just another example of these power hungry traffic wardens and the companies they work for, who seem to think they rule the cities and towns of our country. Well, they don’t, and something needs to be done about it.

Many of you agree with me as well, because every day I am getting emails from van drivers around the country who are fed up of being targeted by these traffic wardens.

A lot of hard working van owners are simply trying to get a job done or make a delivery, only to find a parking ticket on the windscreen as soon as they go to get a cup of tea. It just isn’t on.

As if you all don’t have enough expenses to be contending with right now, such as van insurance and tax…do you really need these parking firms adding more expense to your accounts? I don’t think so.

Unfortunately, fighting back against parking tickets is usually a waste of time, even when you drive a prison van it seems.

Instead, the best way to fight back against expensive motoring is to always compare van insurance when you have to renew.

Never let your policy auto renew, because I can tell you now that you won’t be getting the best deal if you do that, because your current insurer wants to get as much money out of you as they can.

You have to be smarter about van insurance in order to win, and it starts by using a comparison website.

This puts you back in control, and gives you some bargaining power if you want to confront your current insurer about their expensive prices. They are more willing to listen if you have other offers on the table.

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