How to Save on the Cost of Running Your Van

Christmas is coming and while the goose may be getting fat, many of us are feeling the pinch in our pockets at the end of a tumultuous and unprecedented year. 

You all know the old saying, save the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves, and while we here at Cheap Van Insurance work tirelessly to bring you the very best van insurance provider deals, direct to your inbox, which are sure to save you a few quid, we thought we’d go through a few more ways you can save a few pennies. 

1: Summer is over. 

So turn off your AC. Yes, we know you guys like being cool behind the wheel, but open a window and save yourself a few quid. Running your AC year-round not only uses a lot of fuel, but also means you’ll need to pay to get your system re-gassed sooner. So think twice before you have it on blast all day.

2: Stop costs going through the roof.

Literally. Having stuff piled on the top of your van such as ladders can end up costing a few quid more than you need. Of course, you need some of the stuff, but all of it, all of the time? Maybe not. Not only does the extra weight add to fuel costs, but it also does a number on your aerodynamics, adding more drag which again, equals paying more at the pumps.

3: Consider how much you fill up:

Adding fuel means adding weight and if you don’t need a full tank, why go all the way? Fill up not quite so full and a little more frequently and you’ll pocket the savings.

4: Consider how much you fill up (part 2):

Do you really need everything in the back of your van? Is your cab full of rubbish that can be binned? Have a good clear out and only take what you need for your jobs. Less weight = less fuel. It’s a smart and simple way to save a few bob. 

5: Drive in style:

If you have cruise control and can use it, do so. If you have a more modern van with a fuel efficiency mode, use it. We know it goes against the very ethos of many van men, but driving calmly and smoothly can really make the biggest difference to your fuel consumption and costs. Go gently, easy on the brakes and slow on the revs and you’ll be able to see the difference in your wallet in no time.

Now, all that you need to decide is what you want to spend those savings on. Christmas is coming, after all. 

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