Adding some flex to van insurance

It’s a dog eat dog world out there and latest news shows that, with an uncertain future ahead of us all, and no knowing if we will be locked down once more any time soon, it seems that more people are turning to van driving as their career of choice.

Latest news suggests that van insurance policy numbers are on the rise, with more people looking for job certainty and, faced with another potential lockdown, many have decided that working as a delivery driver is the career for them.

And we can’t blame anyone. While the world ground to a halt earlier this year, one of the careers that endured was that of delivery driver. Likewise, the building trades appeared largely unaffected, with more people deciding to spend their holiday savings on home improvements instead. So it’s fair to assume that should we face another national lockdown, that those trades will be the ones that carry on as before. 

In fact, there was a 52% increase in requests for van driver insurance quotes between April and June of this year as lockdown started to ease up. 

Van driver insurance companies have begun to respond to this with improved, more flexible van insurance policies becoming available, from single, by the day cover, to monthly policies that can be used as and when people need it. We welcome this, as with other changes in the van insurance world, to a more flexible approach that can mix and match with people’s needs. The car insurance world recently saw a new type of policy come on the market, where people pay to unsure by miles driven and we suspect that some bright spark won’t be far behind doing something similar for the van drivers of the UK soon. With such uncertainty of where we are headed as a nation this winter, we can imagine some people will be very happy to see this kind of insurance policy around. 

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