Another Lockdown Looms?

Well, today we find ourselves – van drivers and non-van drivers alike, on a precipice. While we don’t mean to come over all prime minister on you all, it appears that today or tomorrow might see the UK go back into some form of lockdown which may be two weeks, may be longer. Either way, it’s going to be pretty crappy news for van drivers. 

A short lockdown will see many things once again grind to a halt – from beauty salons to builders’ merchants, shops to suppliers, the only upside for those who drive vans is going to be food delivery drivers once more, we suspect. Which kind of sucks. 

Of course, we can speculate as much as we want, we don’t know and to be honest, it doesn’t really feel like those in power have much of a clue, either. All this talk of ‘circuit breaks’ and new laws imposed… who knows? 

While it appears that much of the building industry is enjoying something of a renaissance as those in power chase their tails and those who were off on holiday decide instead to spend a little on some DIY, the rest of the UK is left in limbo, with furlough due to end, which will inevitably lead to some job losses and another lockdown could see many local businesses collapse, forced to close their doors once and for all. All of which will inevitably affect van drivers of the UK in some way shape or form.

If you did skip out on MOT-ing your van during lockdown, we do suggest doing it now, while you can, because who knows if there could be another blip which means that those without MOTS who can’t then get one as a result of a lockdown could find themselves up the creek without a paddle. 

Of course, we will know by this time next week what is going on (perhaps, maybe… maybe not), but for the self-employed and small business people like the van drivers of the UK, it could indeed by the apocryphal winter of discontent. 

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