Now is not the time to go faster

How are our frontline heroes this week? We hope you are all well and staying safe. News reaches us this week that there is a marked increase on the roads of speeding incidents and we notice there are more reports of van driver crashes appearing in the press. With 50-60% less traffic on the road, there is a marked increase in speeding incidents up and down the country and it’s coming at the cost of some very serious accidents. 

And of course, we get it. With quiet roads, it’s hard not to test the limits and see if you can take that corner with the precision and finesse of a Formula One driver. And of course, van drivers are under more pressure than ever – just being out and on the road is enough to cause some concerns and being in and out of multiple locations each day can feel like a game of Russian Roulette in the current climate. But it’s no excuse for not focusing on the road and being safe out there.

And talking of Formula One (is anyone watching the Esports version – we’re quite enjoying it), while last week it was a pilot taking up the van driver’s life, this week, it’s a Porsche Carrera racer. News reaches us that Josh Webster, Porsche Supercup winner, has taken to a Tesco van in Suffolk during the crisis while motorsports are on lockdown to deliver groceries for the vulnerable. (Please don’t go looking for him to race him – his van is limited to 50mph.) 

And finally, a big shout out to one of our local supermarket delivery drivers, who got a special cheer at 8 pm last Thursday when our entire road was out on the street clapping for you all. He took a slow, heroes drive down the road, tooting his horn and flashing his lights and giving us all a wave. And he got a heroes’ applause as he went. Keep on keeping on guys, we need you and appreciate you all. 

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