Weekly Roundup – Coronavirus Special

Good news if you insure your van personally and chose Admiral – you are getting £25 back from your policy cost, irrespective of whether or not you are still on the road. Government MPs are petitioning chancellor Rishi Sunak to get involved and ensure all car and van insurers pass some of the savings on that they are making while the country is in lockdown – with a reported 50% fewer accidents happening then it makes sense that we should all be getting something back and not see insurers profiting at the expense of the regular guys and gals out there. 

We do expect more to come on this in the coming weeks and more insurers either being forced or pressured into giving rebates. Some companies are also offering front line and essential workers discounts on their van insurance premiums, so if you are a key worker, be sure to mention it to your insurance broker at the time of your policy renewal and see if you can’t bag a little extra off the cost of your policy. 

Some insurers, such as Aviva and MoreThan are offering customers who are feeling the pinch payment holidays on their insurance payments (for home as well as car or van insurance). Again, we expect more to follow, although do be aware you will still be required to repay your annual policy in full at some point during your insurance term, so it may be deferring greater pain down the line, if you choose to do so.

Sadly, there are more and more reports coming in of serious accidents as a result of dangerous driving or speeding on the quieter than usual roads. As we clearly stated last time, now is not the time to see if you can take the racing line flat in your transit, however tempting that may be. 

In a bit of good news, it looks as if drones won’t be replacing anyone’s jobs any time soon. A new study found that drone deliveries were up to 10 times less energy efficient than vans. So, if you’ve still got a job, make sure you keep it by driving safely, observing all good hygiene practices (wear a mask if you can, even if they suggest otherwise) and keep on keeping on. 

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