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Heartwarming news this week, with the tale of the pilot, turned van driver. 

Peter Login, a British Airways pilot found himself at something of a loose end when coronavirus hit, and he was furloughed by BA. Rather than staying home and twiddling his thumbs, instead, Peter, who is from Horsham, East Sussex decided to do something useful. He is now working as a delivery driver for Tesco in nearby Crawley, to help ensure vital supplies get delivered to those most in need, who find themselves self-isolating. 

His quick job switch has been celebrated by many as a sign of the good people out there who refuse to sit around and wait for better days to come, choosing instead to get out there and make a difference. 

Pilots up and down the country have been forced to take a massive 50% pay cut and forced to take unpaid annual leave, but we can only assume Peter has taken on the Tesco role out of the goodness of his heart, rather than for a pressing need for cash. 

He is certainly lifting the spirits of those Sussex residents who are lucky enough to have Peter knocking on their door. He says it’s obvious that some have not seen anyone for a while and he always makes time to have a quick chat from a safe distance before dropping off their supplies and going on his way. 

And, as van drivers, it’s important to acknowledge that this isn’t just Peter, but many of you, who are playing a vital role in the mental wellbeing of those you are delivering too – not just groceries, but other goods and services to places where human interaction may just be a little thin on the ground right now. A cheerful wave can quite literally make somebody’s day right now. So why not make the most of it – let’s face it, this is quite likely one of those times when people have never been happier to see you and knowing that you could make somebody’s day can not just put a smile on their face, but it should put one on yours too. 

Van Drivers of the UK – keep smiling. You’ve got this. 

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