The Coronavirus Diaries – In Which the World is Going Mad

It seems the world is slowly losing it’s mind. Maybe it’s just us here at CVI HQ, but this week there are more tales than we can believe of van drivers making daft decisions and the great British public also losing their collective marbles too. 

In Wymondham, near Norwich, there were reports of a food van driver being attacked and robbed. The perpetrators were thankfully not only caught, but also fined for breaching coronavirus restrictions. This sadly mirrors more general reports of food service industry workers under fire from the public and even brawls in the supermarket aisles. It seems tempers are fraying up and down the country as lockdown continues.

Meanwhile, in Cumbria, a van driver was arrested for driving his van with no front tyres. Yes, you heard right, no tyres. We know HMRC has relaxed the ‘no MOT’ rules for now, but this beggars belief. (For the record, you may not have an MOT, but your vehicle is still expected to be roadworthy). 

Over in Doncaster, a van driver who had phoned in sick as self-isolating was caught transporting motorbikes in the back of his van for off road racing during lockdown. He was promptly sacked.

Staying up north, one van driver managed to create some smiles as he hastily scrawled ‘no bog rolls kept in the van overnight’ in the dirt on the back of his transit. 

Whether you’re staying home or one of the drivers up and down the country sticking it out and getting things done, it pays to remember that yes, the roads are quieter, but now, more than ever, staying safe and retaining a good sense of humour matters. Yes, the general public can be idiots and take what you do for granted, but there are many of us who depend on you doing what you do to keep our country moving and will be eternally thankful to you for it. You may not get the same recognition as many of the other key workers out there, but now more than ever, your country needs you to stay safe and keep doing what you do. 

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