Van Drivers – The New Emergency Service

The New Emergency Service

Yes, van drivers, we’re talking about you. You may well hate your job right now, being forced out to the frontline, doing work you don’t want to do in a climate that is beyond surreal. But go, in the knowledge that the general public not only need you more than ever, but have a new-found respect for you that they would never have had, unless the events of the last few months happened.

You are the essential connectors for so many people right now – the elderly and vulnerable. Between friends and families sending gifts in the absence of their presence. Of people who would otherwise not be able to go out and get food. For supermarkets which would have no food without you. Hospitals that need vital equipment. Whatever you’re delivering, just know, that someone, somewhere is grateful for you right now. 

It’s a time of clarity for us all. A time where the glaring inequality between van drivers who won’t get paid more than SSP if they do self-isolate, while many sit at home getting 80% of a decent salary for doing nothing at all. Seeing the ones who have money get everything they want delivered to their doorstep, while those who don’t struggle to get what they need. The roads are quiet but there’s no joy in a fast drop-off when there’s a never-ending stream to deliver and you’re not sure if you’re just feeling exhausted or something worse. And no feeling grateful that ‘at least you’ve got a job,’ when any one of those drop-offs could affect not only you, but your family at home in ways you’d rather not think about. 

These are dark times and there’s nothing more we can say to cheer you along, besides that the majority of us recognise that every day you’re out there, getting things done, because that’s what you do. And for that, we thank you. 

Stay safe. 

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