Staying Safe in Uncertain Times

Okay, so we’ve not spoken about it so much, until now, but as a van driver, what should you be doing to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak?

The good news is that you have been designated ‘key workers’ meaning that those of you who are self-employed can keep going for now and keep some money on the table until the chancellor hopefully announces some new measures to help out, besides the current paltry £94 a week on offer. 

And now, more than ever, the nation is depending on you to move vital goods up and down the country. The plus side is that the traffic and parking is a damn sight easier. 

But what are your employers doing to keep you safe? 

Hopefully, you all have some form of PPE – be it gloves and masks or at least some hand sanitiser to take with you.

It’s so important to keep on top of not just regular hand washing, safe distancing and generally more awareness of what you do and when, but also to keep your van interior cleaner than ever. Steering wheels can be four times dirtier than toilet seats. Yuk. And your phone, sat nav, buttons and dials can all be breeding grounds for bacteria too.

At the start of each day, spend a little longer getting ready for your day. Give everything a liberal spray of antibacterial and actually clean things with a cloth because spraying alone isn’t going to be enough. Clean out all those used pasty wrappers and dirty tissues. The less in your cab, the less there is to get contaminated so give it a damn good sort out. Give footwells a wipe and all your door handles too.

Take disposable gloves out to open doors safely and if you require a signature on delivery, make sure your handset is anti-bac’ed too. At the end of each day, take your shoes off at the door and get your work clothes in the wash. 

Stop and think when you stop for petrol or a pee. Wear gloves and use elbows to open doors where you can. Resist the urge to pick your nose or touch your face through the day. Easier said than done, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Wash your hands before and after eating (you’ll likely need a packed lunch with all the drive-throughs closing). 

We all need to do our bit and while life goes on (for most of us, for now) for the hardworking van drivers of the UK, we just want to finish by saying thank you for everything you do to keep the country moving. 

Stay safe everyone. 

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