Van Drivers Still Using their Phones Behind the Wheel

You know who you are – and according to the latest figures, it’s over half of you who are still insisting on using your mobile phone whilst behind the wheel.

A recent study has found that only 41% of van drivers are doing the right thing and using handsfree or Bluetooth technology to make or receive calls while out on the road.

And 17% of you admit to sending or receiving text messages or posting on the socials, whilst driving too. And it’s the Scots who are most guilty of these cardinal driving sins.

You do realise that by using your phone behind the wheel has not just a fine of £200, but a whopping six penalty points – which would equate to an instant job loss for many of you. It’s something you all need to consider when you think to pick up your phone to check your messages. 

Some studies show that 23% of you don’t even have handsfree set up in your van. 

The average van driver makes around seven calls a day and is on the phone for an average of 37 minutes. 

If ever there was a time that UK hospitals don’t need any additional patients as a result of an accident, it’s now. It’s time to put the phones down and get the Bluetooth up and running. Even if that means you need to wear a silly earpiece. 

And while we are speaking of hospitals, please stay safe out there – if you need to self-isolate, please do so. Jobs can be lost and found, but if you suspect you may have coronavirus, please do the right thing and protect others around you by making sure you take the necessary steps to keep yourself and others safe.

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