New Report Shows White Van Men are Turning to Healthy Eating

Well, it’s almost as if you lot almost listen to us, isn’t it? A new study, commissioned by Vauxhall Motors has found that white van men (and women) are ditching both the booze and the fast-food in search of healthier lifestyles. 

Well done, you guys.

The report fid that 37% of you cut back on the booze, trying alcohol-free beer and wine and many of you are even working out more outside of the van driver working day, hitting the gym and, for 2% of you, going so far as to take up yoga or Pilates. 37% of van drivers are now hitting the gym, according to the report and you’re even cleaning up your smoking act, with 22% of you saying you have reduced how much you smoke or quit entirely.

If that wasn’t enough, more of you are also turning vegan, and 2 in 10 of you are opting for vegetarian or meat-free meals. And even those of you who aren’t giving up old habits are saying you wished you could eat more healthily (31%). This is big news, considering previous reports have said up to 60% of you admit to not eating healthily and not eating fruit or vegetables every day. 

It seems that more and more of you are searching for a healthier lifestyle and are doing more than many others to make those positive lifestyle changes. 

While we undoubtedly applaud you for taking those positive steps, we can reassure you that we will continue to bring you the latest in all news from the world of van driving and won’t be turning into a lifestyle blog and teaching you how to knit your own vegan quinoa any time soon. Nope, we’ll just stick to doing what we do – bringing you the best possible van insurance deals and the latest news, views and opinions from here at the heart of CVI HQ. But we just may do it, sipping on a fruit and wheatgrass smoothie, once in a while. After all, we can’t have you lot putting us to shame, can we? 

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