Autumn of Terror – White Van Man STRIKES Again

Jack…is back…and he is terrorizing the roads and streets of our nation yet again.

It is the white van man who is striking terror into the minds of ordinary motorists this Septmeber.

Experts are expecting the terror to continue into October, meaning this is now classified as the…

Autumn of terror.

Much like the summer of rage and winter of discontent, this autumn of terror shows that many white van drivers don’t have any “off season.”

Instead they get into their white ford transit vans and put pedal to the metal and unleash all out terror…

Just like one man in a white van who stopped to get out of his van…to punch a woman jogger!

Shocking!! Is all we can say here at CVI.

Or how about the white van driver who can be seen on dashcam footage SMASHING head on into a car. The reason? Because he was checking out a young woman who was still dressed for summer, even though it was Autumn…

The Autumn of terror, that is!!

And what about the white van owner who burned rubbish in his garden, night after night, leaving his neighbours frustrated and angry.

“This isn’t bonfire night…you know?” shouted one of his neighbours.

“I know…this is Autumn,” the white van owner replied, calmly, but with a menacing terror in his eyes.

Before long the white van owner was attacking his neighbours. There was real terror in the neighbourhood, on that night.

Do you know what though? While there are some white van drivers embracing this Autumn of Terror…there are many of you white van owners who are hard working, law obeying, and just general all around good people.

Sure, you might get up to a few tricks here and there and you might even get a bit hot under the collar against other NON white van owners.

But…you are not into punching joggers, or driving head on into other drivers, or attacking your neigbours.

That is NOT your style.

And if that is NOT your style then you are welcome here at CVI.

We welcome you to fill in our 3 minute form and save a packet on van insurance.

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