Van Insurance Is Getting More Expensive

Here at CVI HQ we had a smiley face this morning, and then we learned that van insurance is getting more expensive, and now we are sad.

There are sad faces all around the CVI HQ this morning. “I just can’t believe it,” said the canteen manager as he served yet another chips and tomato sauce dish.

You must understand that our optimism had been great for 2019. We had read unofficial reports that van insurance was down and that UK van drivers could expect a significant drop in their premiums.

It seems our optimism was misplaced.

The official statistics are now on the table from the Consumer Intelligence Van Insurance Index, or CIVI (not to be confused with CVI), and what they show is average van insurance premiums got more expensive over the last 3 months by 1.2%.

Now, that 1.2% might not sound like a lot, but when you consider many van drivers are forking out over £1000 to insure their van, and some are even getting hit in the pocket for over £2000, then it all starts to add up.

“Yowsers!” is the only word that comes to mind when you really start to think about this mess. When will the van insurance companies ever give you a break? The answer is never, and that is why your only option is compare van insurance right here at CVI.

We are the official website of the people and have been serving van drivers all around this nation of ours since the beginning of van insurance comparison.

We are one of the original van insurance comparison sites and one of the only independent comparison sites that are still left.

While many of our competitors went out of business or sold out to the van insurance companies, we stood firm and defiant and stayed true to our word.

“Cheap van insurance prices for every van driver in the UK,” we said, and we meant it.

And right now, as we speak, here in March 2019, I think our words are more relevant than ever before.

Those van insurance companies just keep on pushing your premium higher and higher. More expensive and more expensive…which leaves you with only 1 option.

Go directly to our 3 minute form to compare van insurance. You instantly get quotes from around 40 trusted van insurance companies and brokers and then you can see for yourself just how much you could save.

You could easily save a few hundred quid, and in a time when van insurance is getting more expensive, some would say that getting cheaper van insurance is nothing short of a miracle.

Do it right now and see for yourself.

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