Enter The “i-Van”

The future of van driving is all about self driving vans. You can have a nap or eat a sandwich or read a newspaper…or all 3.

Your van will do all of the hard work, and make sure you get to your destination on time and in one piece.

Yes, the self driving van revolution is almost among us. It won’t be long now.

Not only that, but these self driving vans are expected to be powered by electricity. All you do is charge them up through the night (kind of like your mobile phone) and then you are good to go in the morning.

Because self driving electric vans are similar to mobile phones, it has come as no surprise that Apple are now in the hunt for bringing a self driving van to the marketplace.

You’ve heard of the i-Phone…well, get ready for the i-Van!

Right now, as we speak, Apple are hard at work with a project called “Project Titan,” and insider sources claim this is going to be an electric powered van.

Don’t get too excited just yet though. The i-Van AKA Project Titan is still only a prototype, which means it could be a few years until we see it on the roads.

So what details do we have about the i-Van? The insider sources claim to have seen the prototype, which was pained in black and silver and looked very cutting edge.

Some of these self driving van prototypes look a bit dodgy, if you ask us, but Apple are always on the forefront of stylish design, so you can expect the i-Van to look like the cats pyjamas.

At this time, our insiders report that Apple engineers are working on the interior of the van…no doubt working out where your i-Phone, i-Pad and i-Pod will go.

I’m sure there will be some kind of central hub within the van to place all of your Apple related products. Maybe even a special place for the i-Phone, which you can turn on and then say the words…

“Take me to Cheap Van Insurance.”

That’s right. Despite owning an i-Van, you will still desire getting cheap van insurance year in and year out.

And what better place to achieve this then right here at The Nations Favourite…CVI.

You can use the voice recognition software on your i-Phone to compare van insurance prices from 40 companies and brokers.

“Compare Now!” you will command, and immediately our slick comparison engine gets to work and produces the lowest van insurance prices in the UK. Right there in front of your face in seconds.

The i-Van is the future of van driving while CVI is the future of cheap van insurance.

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