2019: A Cheap Van Insurance Odyssey

8am and the CVI employees enter the main entrance, many communicate in grunts and shoves, just like early man.

It is a new day and a new chance to give people cheap van insurance. Thousands of UK van owners visit the CVI website in the morning, using their computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones to do so.

12:32pm and the CVI employees file into the CVI canteen, still communicating in grunts and still acting like primates. 2 employees fight over the last rack of ribs from the buffet…one grabs it and smashes it on the floor in an act of rage…then throws a single bone in the air in an act of defiance.

Cut to…

1:45pm and the mood is more relaxed now within the CVI HQ. The Blue Danube plays over the tanoy and the real business of the day is in full swing.

Thousands more van owners visit the site to get cheap van insurance and our team are working at full pace now. In the moment..like a well oiled machine

The senior technician is involved in a different task…something major…he is working behind closed doors, in a top secret location.

This “closed off” part of CVI HQ is more futuristic and high tech. The senior technician is wearing a suit that looks like a space suit.

And then, at…

4:01pm – the mood is jovial as the whole team enter the “closed off” area for the first time and stand around for a big unveiling..this is what the senior technician has been working on.

The boss pulls the cord and unveils…

PAL – Your Cheap Van Insurance Pal

You’ve heard of Auto Meerkat high five and Ivan The Terrible…now say hello to PAL.

Every van owner in the country can install PAL and then get cheap van insurance on command – easily compare companies and brokers using your voice.

PAL will quickly become the hub of any household – and he can do other things as well.

“Sing for us PAL” said the senior technician

“What should I sing Dave?”

“How about that song I taught you…remember?”

“Oh yes Dave…Daisy, Daisy…Give me your answer do…”

Everybody at CVI HQ applauds and “amazing,” says the canteen manager – “this is the future,” said the caretaker.

Later in the day and it is…


Everybody has gone home except the boss and the head of the SEO department.

They are locked away in a top secret meeting room discussing strategy about how to rank CVI in Google and Bing in 2019 and beyond.

Outside the room…PAL looks on…watching their lips…first the head of the SEO department …then the boss. Just watching, some would say…lip reading.

20 minutes later and the meeting is over. The boss says the words…

“Open the meeting room doors PAL…”

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