38, Mate? Van Insurance Liar!

No word from our Chief News Reporter in Paris, France. No pictures. No telephone calls. Nothing. Just what is going on here? I don’t know.

What I do know is that all of you CVI enthusiasts will have to wait for the official Instagram page to be launched. Social media domination will be ours…just not yet.

While I’m waiting for word from our CNR, the only thing left to do is bring you some van insurance news.

So…in the absence of the Chief News Reporter I hand the torch over to the…Junior News Reporter.

JNR, it’s over to you…

It seems van drivers in the city of Blackburn are in a rush to age themselves. Forget about plastic surgery to look younger, these van owners are using van insurance applications to become older.

Take the story of a 20 year van driver as a prime example. Not happy with drinking from the fountain of youth, this kid wanted to become a man…a 38 year old man.

So when he filled out his online van insurance form he didn’t tell the truth. What he did was put “38” in the age box.

The reason? For cheap van insurance of course. Why else? There is no other reason.

As we have reported about before…young van drivers really do get hit in the wallet when insuring their van. Especially in cities such as London, but also in places such as Blackburn.

Unfortunately for the 20 year old van driver from Blackburn, his lies didn’t slip through the net, and the online lie detector machine “blew up” virtually when processing his van insurance application form.

It wasn’t just his age he was lying about either. He also had two speeding convictions which didn’t get mentioned on his application.

This brought his annual premium down to an affordable £924, although it was all based on a web of lies.

A few months later and the van driver was stopped on the M65 for speeding. Surprise, surprise. And Police quickly cottoned on to the fact this guy has been telling a few pork pies.

He then found himself in a courtroom where he had no choice but to plead guilty, which led to a conditional discharge for 6 months with £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

The lesson here? Don’t lie on your van insurance application form. It really is as simple as that. You will get found out.

It’s a much better idea to use our 3 minute form here at Cheap Van Insurance. Then tell the truth, and nothing but the truth and you will be rewarded with amazing quotes from trusted van insurance companies and brokers.

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