Vanarama Unleashes iVan The Terrible?

“Hi, my name is iVan the chatbot, which of these options can I help you with today?” said the bot at the other end of the webpage.

This is what every visitor to the Vanarama website will see from now on when they want to get help.

So what can iVan help you with? Buying a new van is one of the things you can do at Vanarama, although they also offer van insurance.

“Great. My name is iVan the Chatbot. Can I have your first name, please?” Said iVan as you select the van insurance option.

“Did you have a particular vehicle in mind? I’m pretty sure we’ll have the best prices,” iVan the chatbot goes on to add.

Pretty confident isn’t he? And his smooth talking will probably work on some people…although not on those van owners who have heard of CVI.

Not one to back away from a challenge, or a duel, we are confident CVI is the place where you will find the “best prices.”

Vanarama vs Cheap Van Insurance…

We challenge YOU to put us both to the test…

You can visit Vanarama and then chat with a chatbot and get some monotone responses…

and then

You can visit CVI and fill in our 3 minute form. It’s ridiculously simple and there are no chats bots. Just a no-nonsense style form that is dedicated to getting you results.

Some might describe this battle as like iVan The Terrible vs Alexander The Great.

“Yes they really are great,” many people are already shouting.

“The Nations Favourite!” many will go on to add.

Listen, we are not trying to blow smoke up your rear van door here. This is real. You really can save a packet in the next 3 minutes.

By all means go to Vanarama and see what they are all about with their new chatbot, and then come back to the safe haven of CVI, with nothing automated and nothing futuristic. Just good old fashioned cheap van insurance…the way it should be.

I can’t even imagine your average white van man, so to speak, attempting to have a conversation with a bot.

“Hi, my name is iVan the chatbot, which of these options can I help you with today?” said iVan.

“You what mate?” replied the white van man.

All out anger would likely win the day, and then, right back to CVI…the only place a white van man can get a straight forward quote with no palava.

So Alexander The Great wins this battle, and if you fill out the 3 minute form you will soon find out why we are the greatest…van insurance comparison website.

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