Van Insurance is Down…OMG!

A recent report by Consumer Intelligence has come up with one thing we were not expecting…van insurance prices are down.

According to them, the prices have gone down an average of 1.7% compared to last year, giving us an average price of £1240.

However, if you are using your van for work then don’t break out the pot noodles, ham sandwiches and flasks of tea in celebration just yet.

The reason? Because “worker vans” have only seen an average drop of 0.9%, which isn’t really much to get excited about.

On the other hand, people who use vans as a substitute for their car have seen the biggest drop at 5.5% during the last year.

These are the people who check the “social, domestic and pleasure” box on their van insurance application form and then use their van to go and see friends or go on a picnic.

They are not like you, the hard working van owner who is just trying to make their bread and cheese…surely it should be YOU who is making the real savings and not people driving around for pleasure.

That is why I would like to use this blog post as a rally to all those hard working builders, carpenters, roofers, electricians, man with vans, white van men and white van women…

I want you all to UNITE and shout “this is not acceptable!”

“0.9% is a joke,” you should also shout…

You have bills to pay and you have to put food on the table. It should be you with the 5.5% price drop. You are the one who deserves it more than anyone else.

Well, you can use this opportunity to fight the power and hit back with your own counter punch.

If those van insurance companies want to slap you in the face then you should retaliate with right hook.

If those van insurance companies come at you with a baseball bat then you should pull out…

Your smartphone and then go directly to

See how those van insurance companies like that. I can assure you they won’t.

Van insurance companies don’t like us. Simple as that. Even those who partner with us. Most of them hate us.

Why? Because we lose them money. Time and time again.

But they have no choice. After all, we are “The Nations Favourite” and the place where ordinary van drivers come to year after year.

We constantly push these van insurance companies further and further…

“More Savings…Cheaper Prices…Van Insurance For Less,” we shout at them over the telephone.

They fight us but it is people power that wins the day. YOUR vote is what counts.

So put your vote in right now…and use Cheap Van Insurance to make real savings on your van insurance.

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