Save £300 on Van Insurance (Or Pizza)

I arrived at CVI HQ in the morning to find everywhere locked up. “That’s strange,” I said. “Our CNR should be back from Dundee by now.”

I opened everywhere up and turned on the lights, and then noticed the hotline answerphone was flashing with a message.

“Hi It’s the CNR here. We are in the Scottish Highlands and…”

There was a long pause.

“…Meerkats,” he went on to say and then hung up.

What did our Chief News Reporter mean by this message? What was he trying to tell me?

Perhaps he was suggesting that CVI should go down the “meerkat route” and start offering movie tickets to our customers.

I really don’t think our budget would stretch to the latest Hollywood Blockbusters…but maybe…just maybe we could offer other kind of movies?

Something like classic TV movies from the 1970’s…available in VHS or Betamax format for every CVI customer. Just pay shipping and handling.

It could work. But our customers should be satisfied enough with the cheapest van insurance prices in the UK. Shouldn’t they? Maybe that extra cherry on top would really sweeten the deal.

Well, because our CNR was MIA I didn’t have any news stories to run, so I did what any van insurance comparison website owner would do in this type of situation…

I made a cup of tea and sat down to read the newspaper.

As I was flicking through different stories hot off the press there was one word which suddenly caught my attention.


It seems the meerkat company had paid for a bit of advertising space in this particular tabloid and were shouting about their so called “deal of the week.”

What they are offering is the ability to save £300 a year when you buy van insurance on their website.

However, this isn’t £300 a year savings on the actual van insurance. Oh no. It’s actually saving £300 on pizza.

“Meerkat Meals,” is what they have called this new venture, and apparently you can save money on meals at restaurants such as Pizza Hut, La Tasca, Zizzi and Strada.

Do you know what though? I reckon the smart van owners out there would prefer to just save money directly on their van insurance. No fancy meal tickets and no-nonsense. Just plain and simple Cheap Van Insurance. The way it should be.

Maybe I’m wrong and maybe our loyal and faithful van insurance customers would like to make some savings on their lunches when buying through our 3 minute form.

If so then…perhaps we could incorporate some kind of “ham sandwiches for a month” promotion, or, “your flask refilled, for free.”

“I could even give pot noodle a call,” I said.

Just then our CNR entered my office.

“Have you got £700 to pay for the taxi outside?” he asked.

“What? Where is the CVI limo and the limo driver? I demanded to know.

“It’s a long story…” he replied.

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