“We Need More Van Couriers!”

From Dundee to Ipswich, and from The Scottish Highlands to Cardiff…there is one job which is in demand…Van Couriers!

Thanks to internet sites such as Amazon, the demand for delivery drivers is stronger than ever before.

Unfortunately, the amount of skilled van couriers are in short supply, which means customers are having to wait longer for their deliveries

A recent report by the Department for Transport showed us that 76% of goods were transported by road in 2017. Planes and trains are out…Automobiles are IN.

Not just any old automobiles though. It is vans which are the fashionable vehicle of today, with many van couriers deciding to drive around in LCV’s (Light Commercial Vehicles).

The report went on to find how delivery drivers are competing against the clock more than ever before, because customers expect their parcels today, not tomorrow.

However, this has led to many drivers cutting corners and speeding like they are doing a lap around Silverstone.

“What’s your name,” the police officer will say when they pull over the courier driver.

“Nigel Mansell,” would come the reply.

These type of van couriers might be fast, but they quickly rack up the points on their licence, and then…

…It is game over. Their van courier career is over.

In the future it is the self driving vans and robots who are expected to fill the demand for skilled courier drivers, but right now in 2018 there are companies who are crying out for reliable and trustworthy van couriers.

“We need more van couriers!” they are shouting from the rooftops

The kind of van courier who can get that LCD TV to Mr Smith on time and in one piece.

The kind of van courier who will give a smile to Mrs Jones as they hand over a brand new laptop.

Unfortunately, many would be van courier drivers are not getting their stripes because of how expensive insurance is right now.

Remember, plain old van insurance is not enough…you need special van courier insurance to get on the roads legally and delivering packages.

One way to avoid these ridiculous costs is to visit Cheap Van Insurance and get quotes from around 40 insurers and brokers.

“The Van Couriers Favourite,” is what many of our nations delivery drivers are saying.

Fortunately you can join them right now by filling in the 3 minute form which you can find at the top of the page.

Just scroll up and then start your van courier journey. A few simple details and then, and only then…can you call yourself a real van courier professional driver.

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