Aviva Attempt to Join Forces With Van Insurance Brokers

I could see our CNR was disturbed after the Cardiff incident. “Take an easy assignment…there is a story in Dundee,” I told him.

So he headed out of HQ and into the CVI limo. Now I turned my attention to headlines within the van insurance industry. Aviva to be exact, who have recently tried to join forces with van insurance brokers.

The insurance giant have recently launched something called “Fast Trade e-trading quote and buy” which is designed to help van insurance brokers get the best prices so they can compete in a very competitive marketplace.

Not all brokers are able to take advantage of this facility from Aviva though…only those brokers who have an Aviva agency.

This all comes at a time when van insurance brokers have been falling by the wayside, somewhat, in recent years.

Van insurance companies are turning up the heat with free gifts for consumers and hogging all of the advertising space…which means brokers are becoming more and more sidelined, to the point where many are going out of business.

Of course, those van brokers who partner with us here at Cheap Van Insurance are never left out in the cold. There is always a fresh catch of the day, every day. And as our fishing boat reaches the safety of land, we offer our bounty to both van insurance companies and brokers.

So how do you, the van owner, find your way into the net so you can put yourself in the fish market, so to speak? It’s easy…

…all you have to do is fill in the form which can be found at the top of the page you are reading right now. Then, spend around 3 minutes filling in the form and then, just press the “submit” button.

You instantly get around 40 quotes from both trusted van insurance companies and brokers, which puts YOU firmly in control.

This is the point where…the fish becomes a shark.

Back to Aviva and a spokesperson for their company had this to say – “Brokers still get the normal commissions, but we take out the costs and pass on those cost benefits to those who use it. We don’t have any transaction fees from software houses so the prices should be cheaper than the average that they would normally access. It’s a good deal.”

My opinion? Aviva might be on to something here, who knows for sure? What I do know is that both van insurance brokers and van owners should start right here, at The Nations Favourite.

If you are a van insurance broker who wants to get in on the action then give us a ring. We might be able to include you in our comparison service…although places are strictly limited and the application process is tough. We only take the best.

If you are a van owner then all you have to do is fill in the 3 minute form. You only get quotes from the best of the best.

Speaking of the best…I’ve just received a text from our CNR who is on route to Dundee.

“Motorway Mayhem and Meerkat Madness…” was the only words he wrote.

Something tells me we are in for another wild ride. Stay tuned.

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