Admiral Van Insurance WARNING: April 2018

If you get your van insurance from Admiral then this message could be the most important you have ever read? Keep reading to discover more…

As regular readers of CVI will be aware, ourselves and Admiral are really good buddies. They are on our “hotlist” of recommended van insurance companies and regularly feature in the list of companies that offer you a quote after filling in our 3 minute form.

The relationship between ourselves and Admiral is as strong as ever…although could the honeymoon period be about to come crashing down? Keep reading…

So, if you are already a customer of Admiral then you might be wondering why you are being WARNED, as of right now…in April 2018? It’s because you might have been double charged for your van insurance.

We already know that van insurance is expensive in the UK right now, especially if you live in big cities such as London. Nobody can afford to get double charged!

That is what happened though, as it recently came to light that Admiral double charged hundreds of their customers last month. This includes van insurance customers (YOU).

If you are a van insurance customer with Admiral then I recommend you check your bank account right away and make sure they haven’t taken out twice as much as they should.

It was an innocent mistake of course, as Admiral are one of the most trustworthy van insurance companies in the UK who have served millions of satisfied customers over the years.

Sometimes, these glitches just happen though. An error in the system. “Blame the robots,” is what I say.

As you would expect, Admiral are working hard to rectify the situation, and are saying that anyone who was double charged for their van insurance in March, won’t be charged in April. Once that happens then everyone is friends again.

With that being said, I would advise all Admiral van insurance customers to check their bank account in April 2018, just to make sure there are no more double charges.

However, be rest assured that if you do get double charged by Admiral then you can expect one of their customer service team to contact you right away.

Don’t worry though, because I reckon that Admiral have now got all of this sorted out and we won’t be hearing anything else about their van insurance customers being overcharged.

That is why I advise every CVI user to feel confident about choosing Admiral van insurance if they happen to be one of the best quotes you receive.

Make sure you fill out our 3 minute form first. Don’t go directly to the Admiral website because you want to make them compete against all of the other van insurance companies for your business.

Kind of like in the days of the Gladiators, where the warriors of Ancient Rome would march into the collesium for a no holds barred old fashioned fight.

That is what happens when you use Cheap Van Insurance, and that is why they call us “The Nations Favourite.”

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