The Day Van, Man

We have heard about the white van man, that has been covered a lot right here…but what about the “day van man?” Not many have heard.

Fortunately, the day van man (or woman) is the kind of driver that is not causing trouble on the roads of the UK or Siberia. No. They are much more relaxed.

What is all this about exactly? Well, a “day van” is a special combination of campervan and van, which has become very popular over recent years.

In the past no-one knew exactly what a day van was, but these days they are lining up to buy them, credit cards in hand.

The main problem is that insuring these things is not always straight forward because the van insurance companies are a bit confused.

“Is it a campervan or is it a van?” they often say, while sitting at their desks and twiddling their thumbs. “No, It’s a day van,” the customer will say, getting a bit hot under the collar (not white van level) and becoming frustrated.

This frustration doesn’t lead to rage and it doesn’t lead to discontent…there are no unleashings and nobody is being unchained.

Instead, all the day van drivers do is to inform and educate. They explain exactly what a day van is, and then once the van insurance company has a clearer picture of what they are talking about then they feel more confident of offering the right kind of insurance.

However, day van owners might no longer have to spend time on the phone explaining themselves to van insurers. The reason? Because there is a new insurance product in town…one that caters specifically to insuring day vans.

It is offered by Caravanwise and they know all about day vans and how to insure them. Visit their site or give them a call is my advice, although before you do that make sure you fill out the form right here.

Where? The Nations Favourite…van insurance comparison website that it, the place where thousands of van owners get the quotes that make them jump in the air with joy and fist pump when those cheap quotes start coming through.

Many have described the experience of using the form here at CVI as like getting your GSCE or A Level exam results…only to find you have straight A’s…a perfect score all round.

In that moment you would have a level of excitement that be difficult to surpass, especially after working for all those years in order to be a straight A student, and now you have done it.

However, the CVI form only takes 3 minutes but you still get that same level of excitement when you press the submit button and get the quotes.

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