“Vantastic” is Fantastic? Maybe, But…

With vans being stolen on a daily basis there is one thing that every van owner in the UK needs…protection! Not just any protection either…

What they want is the kind of van insurance policy that offers peace of mind if you should wake up one morning and find an empty parking space on your drive.

“My van used to be there,” you will say, followed by “It’s okay, I have protection.”

This is the kind of van insurance policy that Cheap Van Insurance enthusiasts have no doubt been waiting for…or is it? Let’s take a closer look at exactly what is going on.

“Vantastic” is the name of a brand new van insurance product for commercial vehicle owners around the country. It is has been produced by a Lancashire based company called BP Insurance Brokers, and what they want to do is offer the ultimate protection for business owners and their vans.

For example, if your van is stolen then they immediately give you a replacement van to keep your business on the road and trading.

During this time you can either hope that you van is found or you get a cheque through the post from the insurance company…but it’s good to know that you can keep on trading and not lose any money.

BP Insurance Brokers have obviously put a lot of thought into this new van insurance policy and it also appears they have got a bit creative in the process.

Enter “Dave Van Dog,” the official mascot of “Vantastic” which is sure to get the attention of white van owners all around the country.

“Dave Van Dog,” might even become a household name in the near future, up there at the lofty heights with “Churchill the Dog” and those “Meerkats.”

I would imagine they might even venture into offering a “Dave Van Dog” cuddly toy with each new policy, as an incentive to get van drivers to do business with them.

The cuddly toy known only as “Dave Van Dog” could then take prime position in the front of the vans of roofers, builders, electricians, and carpenters…right next to the dashcams.

So is “Vantastic” really that fantastic? In my opinion, while it certainly sounds like a good product and you should definitely visit their website to find out more…what you should be doing is starting off right here, at The Nations Favourite in your search for cheap van insurance.

All you have to do is fill in the 3 minute form and then expect to get quotes from around 40 van insurance companies and brokers. Many of these will have many of the same features as the “Vantastic” product, and they might even be a bit more cheap. You never know until you compare.

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