Tool Theft Again! But…Reunited is the Man With Van

Cheap Van Insurance enthusiasts will no doubt remember the numerous blog posts where I talk about tool theft. It’s headline news.

Unfortunately, most of the time those sneaky but clever van thieves are in your van, and then, with a crafty plan they are away with your tools…never to be seen again.

This usually means the tradesperson is left in a bit of a situation, because the simple fact of the matter is that most people out there do not include tool theft protection in their van insurance policy.

Maybe you think it’s too expensive? Think again is my advice, because all you have to do is compare van insurance, right here of course, and then you get the really cheap deals. Include some tool theft cover and you really won’t be paying too much.

Despite the fact that van tool theft is typically a crime that usually leaves police officers baffled, some of these incidents do have a good ending.

Take the recent story of Ryan Harman-Taylor who hails from the town of Weston-Super-Mare. He was having a great day due to the fact his second child had just been born, but then he returned home to find his van broken into and the tools vanished.

Yes, it was those cunning yet methodical van criminals I am always talking about, who are waiting to pounce no matter where you are in the country. Sometimes they drive all around the country, armed with an A-Z street book and circling the points of interest.

On this particular day they were in Weston-Super-Mare, and it didn’t take them long to find their target.

So they were in and out like a flash, and then…gone…back to base to offload the loot before hitting the streets again to get more loot.

Back to the story and it was £19,000 worth of tools that were stolen from that van, that day, and it left Ryan Harman-Taylor without any way to do his work as a carpenter.

In situations like this most tradespeople have to admit defeat and get directions to the local job centre, but in this story there was a twist.

For once the Police actually got their act together and apprehended the tool thieves. These particular thieves had been doing a lot of activity, to the point where Avon and Somerset Police were actively patrolling the roads looking for suspicious individuals.

It didn’t take them long to find the culprits, and after searching their property they found thousands of pounds worth of stolen tools, including the £19,000 worth of tools we have been talking about in the story.

So, the man with van is reunited with his power tools, and for once those criminals didn’t get away with it, although it wouldn’t surprise me if they avoid jail and are on the streets again in no time at all…the captured, once again the hunters.

This all just highlights the importance of making sure you have insurance for your tools. Don’t leave it a minute longer…fill in the 3 minute form now and be rewarded with 40 quotes from van insurance companies and brokers.

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