25% Off Van Insurance – Just Smile!

How would you like to get 25% off your next van insurance policy? All you need to do is smile for the camera and it could very well happen.

The dashcam that is, or the Nextbase 380GW dashcam to be exact, where the manufacturers are making the bold claim that owning one (or two) of these bad boys will save you 25% off your next van insurance quote.

Why? Because the Nextbase 380GW comes with features such as anti-tamper technology and adjustable lenses for van windscreens, which means that van drivers are more protected from things that can potentially go wrong.

Tool theft, for example, is a big problem around the UK, where criminal gangs are becoming millionaire gangs, dressed in Gucci instead of bargain basement clothes.

Most vans are ripe for the picking and have about as much chance as a gazelle when faced with a pack of lions. It’s those magic keys, some people say.

Also, let’s not forget that there are a lot of loose cannons on the roads of the UK right now. Crash for cash scams are common, especially against commercial drivers.

Millions of pounds are lost each year from these kind of false claims, and that means the van insurance companies are losing out as well, because they have to pay out.

They pass the costs on to you, the van driver, which means that van insurance just keeps on getting more expensive year after year.

However, if you have a dashcam or two in your van and they are pointing the right way, then guess what? Those criminal gangs and crash for cash scammers will soon be saying “no thanks mate” when they see the camera pointing at them.

“Smile for the camera you will say,” but the Gucci gang won’t want any of it and they will go elsewhere to easier targets.

Do you have to specifically buy the Nextbase 380GW dashcam to save on van insurance, or will any make or model do? There are a few different options out there right now, so if you ask me, you might want to shop around a bit to see which one fits your needs the most.

A white van owner for example, will have different needs to a company that has a fleet of vans…but the one thing I do know is that a dashcam is definitely the way to go.

Once you have those dashcams installed then make sure you come right here, to the Nations Favourite, where you can compare around 40 companies and brokers that are prepared to give you a quote. All with the click of a button.

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