White Van Men On Tour – Europe Edition

Not content with causing destruction on the roads of the UK, the white van man is now on tour, across the channel and in Europe.

To countries such as France, Germany, Poland, and Russia they go, sometimes to make deliveries and sometimes just to go for a scenic drive, maybe do a bit of business on the side. Business and pleasure.

I’ve reported before of course on how all British van drivers need to get a special sticker before entering the country of France.

Just stick it on your windscreen and you won’t be bothered by the French police, but ignore their laws and you will soon see those flashing lights in the rear view mirror.

Would that set off the average white van man on tour? Seeing the red, white and blue of the French police waving for them to “pull over, monsieur, je m’apelle.”

It could very well be a return to the scenes from the summer of rage and winter of unrest, where white van men, so to speak, were unchained and unleashed…only this time it would be on the roads of France.

Not only that, but let’s not forget that our French cousins drive on the other side of the road. Confusion could very much win the day when your average white van pulls out from Calais. Could that confusion then turn to all out rage? It very well could do.

The main thing all British van drivers should check is that they are fully covered by their insurance company to drive abroad before setting off from home.

You might have to pay extra to make sure your overseas van insurance cover is all in order, and if your renewal is coming up then perhaps it is time to switch to a cheaper deal, one that includes overseas insurance for your van.

The comparison website of choice for the average white van owner is of course The Nations Favourite. The place where comparing companies and getting quotes is as easy as making a flask of tea.

You can even access Cheap Van Insurance from any European country, so for any white van driver that is currently on tour and needs to sort out their insurance, you know where to go.

It’s much better to come here rather than being taken to a European prison, which is what could happen if you don’t have the correct insurance.

The Russian Police, for example, are always on the lookout for international commercial drivers AKA British white van men, and if you are not prepared to slip them a few rubles then you might just find yourself down the local gulag.

Sure, the white van man would resist at first, he might even get very hot under the collar in the freezing temperatures of Siberia, but then, in no time at all he would be overpowered, much like a polar bear being taken down by a pack of wolves.

The Siberian wilderness is a lonely place to be for white ford transit drivers, every day doing hard labour and eating soup of the day for lunch. No ham sandwiches on the menu.

It would be a time for the white van man to learn their lesson if you ask me. To turn over a new leaf and keep their temper in check. Until they are released, back to the UK…

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