The Biggest Van Insurance Mistake Right Now

Did you know that your van insurance policy could be completely worthless? You might as well rip it up right now and chuck it out of the window.

It is all because many van drivers around the country are making this one mistake that could very well make their policy not worth the paper it is printed on.

When you consider the average van insurance price is now about £1500, well, don’t you think it’s worth making sure the document is actually covering you in the event of an accident, van theft or tool theft? I do.

So what is this mistake anyway? Quite simply it has to do with your profession or job title, which many van owners often forget to change if they have a change of career.

For example, if you started out your journey as “man with a van” or would do odd jobs or anything for a few quid, but then at some point became a professional “roofer,” the best in town, then you might encounter trouble when trying to make a claim.

If you have not contacted your van insurance company and told them about the change then they will probably slam the phone down faster than you can say “it’s those magic keys.”

Not only that, but some van owners are also doing a bit of work on the side. By day they may very well be a “builder,” but by night and weekends they are doing a bit of “courier driving.”

Van owners who don’t let their insurance company know about this change will almost certainly get hit in the wallet.

Also, let’s not forget that you probably need specialised courier insurance if you are going to do that kind of work.

Yes insuring your van is often an expensive thing to do, and that is why so many people now turn to the Nations Favourite…van insurance website that is.

A place where you can fill in your details only once, and then, with a single click of a button get magically transported to a place of quotes from around 40 van insurance companies.

Just make sure that you get your job title right the first time, and if anything changes along the way then contact the company directly and tell them about it.

Another mistake that van drivers make is to not tell their insurer about a change of address. It doesn’t have to be your house either.

What I know a lot of tradespeople do is to keep their van in a garage located elsewhere, but, many forget to tell the van insurance company if they change locations.

“Just let us know” is what the insurers are saying, and for once I agree with them.

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