Delivery Driver Robbed, Sacked and Charged

Becoming a delivery driver has become quite popular in this day and age. Many people have vans, and they are making money with them it seems.

Amazon are one such company who are always on the lookout for self employed courier drivers. Millions of packages are delivered every day and they don’t deliver themselves now, do they.

It is the courier drivers around the nation who are busy going from door to door and making sure Mr Jones and Mrs Smith get the items they ordered. On time and in one piece.

One courier driver didn’t have that much luck though, on this particular day not so long ago which seemed just like an ordinary day…until, one of those criminal gangs came out of nowhere and proceeded to rob him of all 62 parcels that were in his van that day.

Make no mistake about it, these criminal gangs are organised and efficient. One minute they are not there, and then they are there, and in no time at all they are gone…with the loot of course.

This courier driver, through no fault of his own had been stripped of the main assets of his van, but at least he managed to stop his van being stolen as well.

However, after reporting back to base the delivery driver found his superiors not very sympathetic at all, to the point where they were actually pointing the finger of blame directly at him.

That’s right. Gone are the days of being an innocent victim of crime. It appears we are now in the days where even if you are stolen from then you are to blame.

At this point it is probably worth mentioning that although this courier driver was delivering parcels for Amazon, it was actually another company he was getting the work from. Kind of like a sub contracting deal no doubt.

Anyway, what proceeded to happen was that after being robbed, the courier driver then had the second blow of the day…he was sacked. This company did not want any parcels going missing, and if they did, well, you get your P45 right away.

Not only that, but about a week later this driver got a text from the company saying that he was being charged for the stolen packages and that it would come directly out of his wages.

Not only was this guy robbed, but he was also sacked and charged, and is now probably in a position where he is considering a career change.

That is why I always advise any courier driver…make sure you know exactly what happens if you are robbed while on the job.

Obviously in this story the company hiring the driver didn’t offer him courier insurance as part of the job, which means he should have sorted it out himself.

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