Can’t Stand The Heat…Get Out Of The Van, Man

Self driving vans are all over the place…California, New York, Tokyo, Slough. Are they having it too easy though? A bit too…temperate.

The company Waymo, who are owned by Google and have been testing self driving vans all around the world, well, they seem to think all of their testing has been on the “easy setting,” and that is why they have decided to move on to pastures new.

Where exactly…perhaps Benidorm or Aya Napa? Places where the sun shines year round and the self driving vans would get a bit more heat.

No they are going even more extreme than that. Forget about the Costa Del Sol…the place where it really gets cooking is in the Nevada Desert.

Some parts of the desert over there in Nevada reach temperatures that would make your average white van man be forced to take off his socks. The shorts and vest would stay on of course, complete with a hat to keep their head out of direct sun.

Perhaps the ice cream vans of Britain could find a new trade in the desert of Nevada? I’m sure there would be a big queue for 99 cones once the midday sun came out and temperatures reached 50 degrees Celsius

While Waymo are testing in Nevada to see how the vehicles react, the one thing I think they should be testing for is how the average white van driver would react.

We all know that warmer weather tends to bring out their more aggressive side…the summer of rage, it was called.

How would they react in the heat of the desert? Putting them in the situation would be the only way to get our answer, but what I do know is that if they could access the Nations Favourite Van Insurance Website then it would go a long way to making them more chilled out.

I would imagine your average white van man, so to speak, would get a bit hot under the collar while navigating around the emptiness of the Nevada desert.

Of course, it would be the self driving Google van doing the driving, but that wouldn’t stop the agitation, if you ask me.

Even if it was a mirage they were seeing over yonder, of a cyclist swerving out and acting like they owned the road.

I’m sure that would soon get their attention, and even after finding out it was just their minds (and the desert) playing tricks on them, I’m sure there would still be a bit of swearing and fist banging.

All out rage? Maybe not. As long as they have access to Wi-Fi then they can always access Cheap Van Insurance to get quotes, even in the Nevada Desert.

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