Covea Go After White Van Men

White van drivers have gotten a bad rep recently. If they are not ripping off car doors they are threatening cyclists. The Summer of Rage, it was called.

Now winter is here and most white van men are sitting in their vans with warm blankets and flasks of tea. A few hours of work here and there, but no time for all out rage…wait until the warmer weather for that.

Despite the reputation of the white van man being less than desirable a van insurance company by the name of “Covea” have decided to launch a new insurance product designed specifically for van owners who own the popular white vans.

It will be branded under the name “Your Van” and will also be made available to brokers so that everyone around the country has the opportunity to take a look at what they have got to offer.

“Contrary to what many people may say about the white van man our experience shows that commercial vehicle is a market with a solid performance,” said a spokesperson for Covea.

Perhaps they have been reading the blog right here at Cheap Van Insurance, where we often report on the exploits of the average white van driver as they rampage around the country (and get some work done as well of course).

Sure, there are a few stories that might not exactly paint white van drivers in a flattering light, but in my experience they are a good bunch who provide a valuable service to millions.

Where would you be without that Argos delivery this Christmas or what if that kitchen extension never got built? It is the white van owners of this nation who keep things on the straight and narrow, if they suddenly disappeared then it would be…CHAOS.

Not only that, but recent telematics data from a company called Quartix shows us that white van drivers are in fact, the safest drivers in the UK.

They might very well explode in fits of rage when put into the wrong situation, but when it comes to driving at the speed limit and keeping their hands at 10 and 2, well, they are the group that van insurers want as their customers.

That is why it’s no surprise that Covea are going after the white van man, but should the white van men even consider this particular company? In my opinion, no.

That’s not to say that Covea and their new product “Your Van” is not very good, it’s just that there is only one place that white van drivers should look for the best van insurance in the country…the site you are on right now.

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