Don’t Defrost Your Van Insurance This Winter

It’s that time of year again, where morning temperatures are mostly in the minus and van drivers around the country are defrosting windscreens.

Police have recently taken to the airwaves in a bid to warn van drivers about the dangers of not defrosting windscreens correctly and leaving their van unattended

For example, did you know that if you are pulled over by Police this winter and you still have ice on your windscreen, then the Police officer will instantly slap a £60 fine on you? They are just doing their job.

Also, were you aware that if you leave the engine of your van running on the roadside while defrosting the windscreen, the Police officers have been instructed to give you a £20 fine? With all these fines, van drivers will be going without ham sandwiches and flasks of tea before too long.

Perhaps most alarming of all is the message from Police, that if your van is stolen why you were defrosting your windscreen, and you had just nipped into the house to “warm up for a bit,” then your van insurance company probably won’t pay out.

That’s right. Thousands of pounds worth of your property could disappear into the cold winter morning and there is not a thing you could do about it. Your van and power tools just gone, leaving you to start all over again…or go down the local job centre.

The message here is clear if you ask me…do not leave your keys in the ignition while defrosting the windscreen, especially if you plan to leave the van unattended, even for a few seconds.

Gangs of van thieves are everywhere right now, patrolling the morning streets of the UK just looking for that one opportunity. They are organised, quick, and fearless, and will think nothing of taking away everything you have worked hard for over the years.

This has led the Police to give out advice on what van drivers should be doing on those cold and freezing mornings.

Firstly, make sure you give yourself enough time to defrost your window. One of the main reasons why people get it wrong in the first place is because they are rushing.

Secondly, be prepared by using a windscreen shield overnight, and then in the morning, get rid of the ice with a basic scraper. Don’t turn on your engine and then leave the vehicle

Unfortunately, I think many van owners are going to ignore this message from Police, which means this winter could prove to be costly for many of our nations tradespeople and delivery drivers.

With that being said, you can make it not so expensive, and even a bit cheaper, by using a van insurance comparison website. Simply fill in the form and then get instant deals from around 40 companies.

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