Ice Cream Van Drivers Fight Back, Not Going Quietly

The summer of rage is coming to end on August 31st, but ironically it could be ice cream men and women that need to cool down the most.

Regular readers of this blog will be only too aware about how ice cream vans are on their way out…with only 2500 left on UK roads.

This has obviously led to some frustration within the ice cream industry which was highlighted recently in an incident at Parkgate Shopping Park, Rotherham.

A couple by the name of Rob Tracy and Tracy Dixon decided it would be a good idea to buy two of their favourite ice creams, 99 cones, which they believed were priced at £1.50 each.

So they approached an ice cream van in Parkgate Shopping Park and placed the order. Unfortunately not everything went to plan.

With 3 English pounds in his hand Rob was getting ready to buy the ice creams and then enjoy a summers afternoon in Rotherham, but the ice cream man had other ideas.

Instead of asking for 3 pounds, the man in the ice cream van asked for 5 pounds, which left both Rob and Tracy stunned. This was NOT the advertised price, but also, a fiver for 2x 99 cones? That’s a bit of rip off they thought. I must admit, I’m in agreement with that one.

It isn’t like the good old days of ice cream eating if you ask me, where you could run after the ice cream van with 50p and still go back home with change in your pocket.

Back to the story and after a brief argument about the price, the ice cream van man (only known as Steve) did something completely unexpected…he threw the two 99 cones directly at Rob and Tracy.

We’ve heard right here on this blog about the summer of rage when it comes to van owners, but this really is taking things to the next level.

The ice creams hit Rob on his head and then went down his shoulder and back. This wasn’t the way he expected to be served his ice creams, I’m sure.

The couple’s German Shepherd dog also caught a bit of ice cream in the face. Coincidentally, the dog’s name is “Ice,” and he does enjoy eating ice cream according to Rob, but not when it is launched into his face.

At this point Rob and Tracy decided that enough was enough and they called in the Police, and when they arrived, after hearing both sides of the story they decided the best course of action was to send the ice cream man home for the day. Probably best.

Hopefully he was able to cool down a bit, and once relaxed, he might have even used the rest of the afternoon to compare van insurance quotes right here on this site.

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