£3000 of Tools Stolen From Van in 4 Minutes

A self employed white van man was going about his normal day to day routine, which meant nipping to the shop. He was gone for only 4 minutes, and then…

The van owner couldn’t quite believe his eyes as he casually walked back from the shop…the place where he had parked his van, well, something didn’t seem quite right, and on further inspection he realised his rear doors were wide open.

How could this be, was it those magic keys that we have been hearing about recently? While that was what many people would no doubt have thought, it was actually a lot more skilled on the thieves part.

They were quick to strike, and before anyone could stop them all of the tools were transferred from the van and into a blue Vauxhall Vectra getaway car, and without any feeling of guilt at all…they sped off.

Looking back at the CCTV footage of the incident, Police confirmed that this particular van thief drilled holes into the rear doors in order to gain entry, and as mentioned before, it only took 4 minutes.

Unfortunately for the white van man it was £3000 worth of tools that went that day. It took him years to acquire those tools, and now with them stolen it could very well mean he can no longer trade.

If only his van insurance had covered tool theft, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion, but of course, it’s easy to play Monday morning quarter back, so to speak.

The fact of the matter is that his tools were stolen and he wasn’t insured, but hopefully this can serve as a lesson to all van drivers around the UK. Make sure your tools are insured.

A lot of white van men think it is expensive to insure all of your tools, especially when we are talking about thousands of pounds worth here. In normal circumstances it is, but not when you visit the nations favourite van insurance comparison website.

Here at Cheap Van Insurance you can instantly get quotes from over 40 van insurance companies, and then see which is the cheapest for insuring your tools. You will typically get up to £5000 worth of cover, which is more than enough for most tradespeople.

Back to the story, and at the time of writing the Police still haven’t come up with any leads or suspects despite having some good CCTV footage to look at. The van thieves were wearing masks you see, so it might be difficult to come up with anything.

That hasn’t stopped the general public from trying though, as the story has been shared over 7000 times on Facebook. Will people power win the day and the thieves get caught? Even if this does happen, something tells me the tools won’t be with them.

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