Brightside Group and Vans Direct Join Forces

The world of van insurance quotes is always competitive, we know that for sure, and the competition is getting even more fierce.

It’s just been announced that a van insurance broker called Brightside Group have agreed a new deal with the company Vans Direct.

What appears to be on the cards is that Brightside will now be selling commercial vehicle insurance through the Vans Direct website, and two of its smaller websites…Van Man and best4vans.

Many in the industry are commenting that the “joining of forces” is a good one, with both companies offering a joint venture that van men and women around the country will truly benefit from.

“This is an important account win for us with a leading UK van supplier,” said a spokesperson for Brightside Group. “Vans Direct customers will be able to access CVD through their websites or via a call to a dedicated Brightside CVD sales team,” the spokesperson went on to add.

It seems that Vans Direct are equally excited about the partnership with a company representative saying “we are delighted to welcome Brightside as our new partner, and look forward to a long relationship.”

In my opinion this is a good move for both companies, and I’m sure they will go on to have a long and lasting relationship with each other. As long as anything doesn’t go wrong of course, which I’m sure it won’t.

Not everybody is possibly excited about the joining of forces however, with many of the staff for Brightside and Vans Direct facing a “consultation,” regarding the move. Who knows exactly what this means? Let’s wait to see what happens.

What I do know is that while buying van insurance directly does have its merits, if you ask me, you are much better off going to a comparison website first to get some quotes.

You might very well get the cheapest quote possible with Brightside Group or Vans Direct, but, you don’t really know unless you see what the opposition are offering.

Fortunately, you don’t need to contact all of these van insurance companies individually, as that would be just way too time consuming. I’m sure you would agree.

Instead, just use the simple form right here at this website, Cheap Van Insurance (the name says it all), and then instantly get quotes from around 40 van insurance companies.

You can then see what offers are on the table, and then compare that against any quote you may have got from Brightside and Vans Direct.

This is the smart way to get van insurance in 2017, and the way to get the cheapest prices possible.

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