Summer of Rage, White Van Men Unleashed

Is the so called “white van man” out of control? My opinion has always been no, but recent reports might just suggest otherwise.

In fact, you might just want to call this the “summer of rage” when it comes to van drivers on UK roads, which really isn’t the kind of thing we want to be hearing about.

Take one van driver in Southsea, who got caught on camera spitting at a motorist while involved in a heated argument in a car park. After that, he proceeded to rip the door off the car while a terrified woman was still inside. “Just move the car” he could be heard shouting, so obviously he wanted the car to get out of the way.

If you thought that would be the end of this particular summer of rage then think again, because there are more stories involving white van men around the UK.

Take the moment a camera caught a van driver knocking down a cyclist as an example, and then instead of going back to see if the cyclist was okay, the driver went into a rage and blamed him for the accident and for hitting his wing mirror.

Now you might be thinking that the cyclist could have been to blame and the van driver had every right to get hot under the collar…until the video footage clearly shows the van was on the wrong side of the road.

No wonder the van driver was angry, his van insurance was no doubt about to get a lot more expensive, but there really is no excuse for this kind of behaviour.

Unfortunately, the summer of rage just seems to be getting even more extreme, with reports just in of a white van man who unleashed a karate kick on a man who tried to stop him from leaving a work site.

Who knows exactly what went on here, but there really is no excuse for showing off your karate skills unless it’s in self defence

Anyway, the incident was caught on camera in West Yorkshire and it appears the man who was initially attacked then went on to punch the van before it sped off.

So it looks like members of the public are now fighting back against the van drivers in this summer of rage. Maybe everybody just needs to cool off a bit.

One way van drivers can do that is by visiting a van insurance comparison site and getting some cheap quotes.

Someone who might just have done that is one white van man who tried to give his number to a woman while driving at 70mph down the motorway.

He was probably so happy at getting cheap van insurance that he thought it was time to try a bit of speed dating, although it didn’t seem to work as the woman wasn’t interested.

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